Aten Professional Matrix 16×16 HDMI Matrix with Scaler, Seamless Switch, control via front-panel pushbuttons


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The VM51616H is a 16 x 16 HDMI Matrix Switch that offers an easy and affordable way to route any of 16 HDMI video and audio sources to 16 HDMI displays, with a quick view of all port connections via the front panel LCD or local HDMI output for multiple source preview.

The VM51616H features seamless switching that employs an FPGA matrix architecture to ensure continuous video streams, real-time control and stable signal transmissions. With a built-in high-performance scaler, the VM51616H easily converts various input resolutions to optimum output display resolutions, giving viewers the best video and picture quality across all displays. The switch integrates video wall function with an intuitive web GUI that allows you create 32 connection profiles that can be customized into different video wall layouts.

The VM51616H is an ideal solution for applications that require multiple HDMI displays with multiple HDMI sources to be conveniently delivered to multiple locations, such as railway stations, competition venues, casinos, control centers, conference rooms, logistics centers, security management, and more.

Connects any of 16 HDMI sources to any of to 16 HDMI displays
Multiple means for system configuration including front-panel pushbuttons, RS-232 control, and Ethernet connections for web-based GUI or Telnet
View and control via ATEN Video Matrix Control App in a swift and agile way
Seamless Switch™ – features close-to-zero second switching for continuous video streams, real-time switching, and stable signal transmissions*
Scaler –features a video scaling function to convert input resolutions to the optimum display resolutions
Video Wall –allows you to create custom video wall layouts via intuitive web GUI*
EDID Expert™ –selects optimum EDID settings for smooth power-up, high-quality display, and use of the best resolution across different screens
FrameSync – prevents image tearing by synchronizing the scaler output frame rate to the input signal frame

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Weight 9.78 kg
Dimensions 510 × 370 × 170 cm


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