Virus or Malware Removal

So, you’ve tried to tried the free anti-virus options and your computer is still infected…

Viruses and Malware are serious issues to deal with.  They can delete all your information, infiltrate your hardware, and some of the nastier ones can switch on your camera or microphone on your computer.  They can also send information about your computer to computers outside your home network.

At Armidale Computers we specialise in removing and protecting systems from Malware and Viruses.

We use specialist software to help ensure that a machine is clean and not compromised to virus attack.

Procedures that are used are as follows:

1. Your system is scanned with speciality software and scanners to ensure machine is clean.
2. Windows programs cleaned up to ensure machine is Malware/Spyware/Virus free

Pricing for virus removal starts at $99* and depending on the severity of the problem at hand, most issues can be cleaned up within a few hours with no further charge.

* prices subject to change

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