We can retrieve your lost bitcoins


Lost your Bitcoin when your device crashed, lost data or even got physically damaged?

Nobody is sure how much bitcoin has been ‘lost’ since its conception some 10 years ago.  Unintentional data formatting errors and computer device accidents happen every day, resulting in the loss of important files, including your bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin uses wallets to store bitcoins.  Wallets are stored on a hard drive or storage device like a phone, a computer, or a tablet. You can also store your wallet on a USB Drive


You can lose a bitcoin wallet by


  • Formatting a drive
  • Breaking or damaging a USB Thumbdrive
  • Deleting Files or Data
  • Storing your wallet in a CD/DVD that becomes unreadable?
  • Lost phone data, or a phone you cannot unlock


We recover bitcoin.

For $97.00 service fee and a 15% commission on amounts retrieved, we will collect your device or hard drive, examine it to detect hidden bitcoin and return your Bitcoin Wallet safely to you.

We can retrieve your lost data, and retrieve your lost bitcoin, sometimes even if the storage device has been physically damaged.

If you are looking to recover your lost bitcoin, we can help you!


Did you purchase Bitcoins or other crypto-assets, but can’t access them now? We can help! We charge a standard fee of $97 to inspect the device or storage unit, and if we can retrieve your bitcoin, we will keep 15% of the value for wallet, and send you the rest of the bitcoins. Apart from the initial $97, You don’t pay unless we get your coins back.  Plus we will send the storage device back to you free of charge.

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Bitcoin recovery services

Recover your bitcoins from a damaged computer or broken mobile phone
Typically, you can lose data due to physical damage done to your hard disk or through a logical data loss process. Most physical damage scenarios are irreversible and might require professional help from hard disk recovery service. However, data loss scenarios that are not caused by physical damage can be easily retrieved with hard disk data recovery software.

Logical data loss involves files that have been lost due to formatted hard drive or accidental deletion. With this kind of situations, your hard disk loses reference to where the files are, but they are still present on the hard drive of your PC.


Reformatted and Formatted Data Recovery Options

Sometimes, you might accidentally format your disk only to realize that you have deleted important files and documents. This situation can happen when a disk or drive becomes crashed, and your computer requests you to format the drive, only to realize that all files are lost. Data losses like this happen intentionally, and a computer hard disk data recovery software such as Disk Drill can help you retrieve back all lost files.

There are unlimited numbers of file types that Disk Drill can recover. What matters the most when retrieving data is the type of recovery option available for that particular volume.


Corrupt USB Drives

External USB disks are becoming larger, faster and more affordable every day. This makes them nearly ideal for use as mass storage devices for music, videos, photos or as backup storage for files and systems.

While USB disks are generally very reliable as file storage, they do introduce some unique risks when compared to internal disks and non-removable media. The most obvious risks are physical hazards, such as a disk being dropped on the ground, mishandled or exposed to harsh environments (extreme heat or cold, moisture or direct sunlight) for a prolonged time.

Logical errors caused by improper removal from a computer or sudden power loss are also a common risk for removable hard disk and flash drives. All major operating systems include an “eject” command, which prepares your disk to be physically removed from the computer or device. This ensures that no write operations are currently in progress when the disk is removed. If a disk is roughly disconnected while the operating system is accessing it, the disk’s file system may be damaged, causing the disk (and the files on it) to become inaccessible. When attempting to mount the disk, the computer will be unable to recognize the file system or may see it as unallocated space (and therefore ask to format the disk).


There is three easy steps to retrieve your bitcoin.




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