Website Chat

Add a live chat function to your website and interact with your customers in real time


Start a proactive, online live chat with your website visitors and provide live customer support. This will Increase the Return on Investment with your content, SEO, Adwords and marketing, by around 40%.

Along with interaction, the chat function is also offers the following:


Track and engage visitors

Track visitor’s digital footprint. Identify new vs. returning visitors and construct personalized chats. Understand how visitor’s navigate in real time and engage them with proactive conversations.  With the track and engage module, you will be able to see where your customers go on your website, how long they stayed on each page, and when they decided to engage in a conversation with you, giving you valuable data for your next visitor.


Real time live chat software for websites

Live chat on your website increases your sales and improves customer service by monitoring real time traffic. Send customized messages to prospects and customers on the go.


Sell smarter and close deals faster

Approach website visitors with personalized engagement. Initiate automatic intelligent triggers when prospects visit your website, share relevant content and help them make their purchase decision. Close deals on the go.


Connect with your customers from anywhere

Connect with customers from the comfort of your bed, while taking your morning walk or from your beach resort — from wherever you are, whenever you’re needed.